to the Transylvanian Carpathian Society’s (EKE)
28th Itinerant Camp
Sovata, July 30th – August 4th, 2019

Dear ERA Members, dear Rambler/Hiker Friends,
it is our pleasure to invite you to the biggest tourist meeting in the Carpathian Basin!

Our organisation, the Transylvanian Carpathian Society (EKE), was founded over 125 years ago. Its goals are walking/rambling/hiking, to get familiarised with local history and the protection of the environment. EKE has branches in 16 Transylvanian cities, and each year one of the branches organises the biggest EKE event: the national itinerant camp. Each year, the participants are able to familiarise themselves with the geographic, touristic attractions, landmarks, architectural and cultural heritage, traditions of a particular region. During the past couple of years, the number of participants has reached 1,300-1,500. So far most of the participants came from Romania and Hungary, however since our organisation was granted membership in the European Ramblers’ Association, this year we would like to open our doors to international participants as well. In 2019 the EKE’s 28 th National Itinerant Camp is organised by the Tîrgu Mureș branch, the venue being Sovata (Mureș County), a resort town famous all over Europe and special due to its salt domes and its heliothermic lake that is unique in Europe and rare worldwide. First of all, we would like to invite to this meeting the members of the ERA and anybody else that would like to visit Transylvania and to get to know one of its regions and would be interested in establishing connections with the local community and its traditions.

Our tour offer is rather diverse; thus, we hope that regardless of age everyone would find something to enjoy. There are going to be difficult and moderately difficult hikes in the Eastern Carpathians (1,000-2,100 m), tours that explore the history of WW1 and WW2 and their monuments, pilgrimage- tours on the St. Mary Trail (the Transylvanian El Camino). We are also going to visit the ruins of old castles within the surrounding mountains and the landmarks of the Salt Country (Sóvidék): salt lakes of Sovata, salt mine of Praid and the Salt-pass. Our local history tours also have a wide selection: medieval castles, Transylvanian Saxon cities and fortified churches that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage (Sighișoara and Biertan). We are going to visit the castle that belonged to Prince Charles’ great-great-grandmother and a town founded by Armenians. There are also going to be cycling tours, mushroom-picking tours, as well as photo and night-time tours, riding horse-drawn carriages in Corund and getting in touch with the local trades, but also wine and palinka (traditional fruit brandy) sampling in the surrounding villages. Children and young adults, as well as those who still feel young, can choose from our creative activities, such as rope gardens, raft making, rock climbing and many other exciting challenges under the guidance of the Outward Bound personnel. The guided tours are in Hungarian, but many of the tour guides speak English or other European languages and where there shall be a lack of language skills the hospitality will make up for it.

Camp Information

Location: the Outward Bound Youth Centre and its surroundings in Sovata, GPS coordinates: 46.58677N, 25.081542E, elevation: 475 m, 3 km from Sovata resort centre.

Accommodations:​ own tent on the territory of the camp, simple, semi-nomadic conditions. People with more needs may find accommodations in Sovata and its surroundings.

Within camp hot meals and the possibility of buying provisions are ensured, mobile signal is good.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Hike Table

Nr.TitleRouteDistanceLevel DifferenceDurationDifficultyWedThuFri
1Mátyás (Matthias) hike 1Lunca Bradului - Valley of Ilva - Negoiu Unguresc peak (2081 m) - Pietrosu peak (2102 m) - Valley of Ilva - Lunca Bradului30 km+/- 1500 m10-11 hrs5+
2Mátyás (Matthias) hike 2Little Tihu creek - Tihu saddle - Bistriciorul peak (1990 m) - and back22 km+/- 1241 m11-12 hrs5
3Saca Mare 1Cireșului-ridge - Cerepes-stone-field - Table-stone - Saca Mare peak (1776 m) - Cencio - Sebes creek29 km+1400 m / -1250 m10-12 hrs5
4FirtușuPăuleni - Firtuşu - Cuşmed-stone - Şiclod-stone - Șiclod23 km+837 m / -1021 m9-10 hrs5
5Saca Mare 2Bucin - Saca Mare peak (1776 m) - Table-stone - Cerepes-stone-peak - Cerepes-stone-field - Cireșului-ridge - ski resort21 km+750 m / -1100 m9 hrs4
6God’s ChairBistra Mureșului - Zapodia Ursului hilltop - God’s Chair saddle - God’s Chair (1380 m) - Zapodia cu Pod creek - Valley of Bistra20 km+/- 850 m8-9 hrs4
7Albert Wass hikeSălard - Sărăcin stone - Ferigelor meadow - Sărăcin plateau - Funtinel meadow - Ferigelor creek - Funtinel creek - Lunca Bradului16 km+636 m / -613 m8 hrs4
8Repaș plateauCamp - Juhod-creek - Sicbert-field - Repaş-plateau - Iszapos-creek - Sebes creek - Camp25 km+/- 750 m8-9 hrs4
9Becheci - war history hikeȘilea Nirajului - Becheci peak (1080 m) - Sovata18 km+650 m / -750 m8-9 hrs3
10Fortress of VityálCâmpu Cetății - Cald-creek - Fortress of Vityál - Eremitu20 km+753 m / -808 m8-9 hrs3
11VerőfényBucin road 11 km - Bogan plateau - Bogdan stone (1297 m) - Verőfény-top - Bucin plateau14 km+800 m / -290 m9 hrs3
12Lajos Áprily hikeCamp - Ilieși - Áprily fountain - Fortress of Rapsonné - Bucin road 5 km - Praid - Áprily Memorial House - Salt gorge14 km+/- 500 m8 hrs3
13Pilgrim hikeCamp - Șiclod stone - Hermitage - Sărățeni15 km+/- 500 m7-8 hrs3
14Family hike SovataCamp - Tiucas-hill - Sovata salt lakes tour - Salt Route - Belvedere tower - Ghera spring - Camp10 km+/- 315 m4 hrs2
15Family hike Câmpu CetățiiCâmpu Cetății - Lacul cu Arini (Alder-Lake) - Castle Mountain - Spring of the Fairies - Câmpu Cetății
on Thursday and Friday from Sovata to Câmpu Cetății travel by Mocăniță (narrow-gauge railway)
5,6 km+/- 200 m4 hrs2
16Family hike PraidPraid Salt mine3 km3 hrs2
17Family hike CorundCorund aragonite museum, snail hill, local craftsmen2 km+/- 100 m1 hr2
18Photography-hikeAbud - Eremieni - Torba10 km+/- 150 m2
19Mushroom huntingCâmpu Cetății - Valley of Niraj6 km+/- 200 m4 hrs2
20Night hikeCamp - Mill-creek - Sebes creek - Small field - Tiucas-hill - Camp6 km+/- 250 m3 hrs2
21Bike tour 1 - Fortress of RapsonnéCamp - Juhod-creek - Áprily fountain - Fortress of Rapsonné - Áprily-fountain - Bucin road 5 km - Praid - camp23 km bike, 4 km hike+/- 390 m bike, +/- 120 m hike5-6 hrs bike, 1 hr hike🚲
22Bike tour 2 - Becheci hillCamp - Stâna de Vale - Sovata - Săcădat - Written-stone - Becheci peak (1080 m) - Great Becheci meadow - Reștad - Sovata - camp34 km+/- 780 m6-8 hrs🚲
23Bike tour 3 - Saca Mare mountainCamp - Stâna de Vale - Sebes creek - Repaș plateau - Cencio-plateau - Saca Mare - Nirajului-valley - Câmpu Cetății - Săcădat - Sovata - camp60 km+/- 1350 m10-12 hrs🚲
24Local history tour - Valley of Târnava MicăGhindari - Sângeorgiu de Pădure - Bezidu Nou - Crișeni - Vețca125 km by bus8-10 hrs🚌
25Local history tour - Valley of NirajEremitu - Călugăreni - Sâmbriaș - Miercurea Nirajului - Sânvăsii - Bâra100 km by bus9-10 hrs🚌
26Local history tour - Sándor PetőfiCălimănești - Sighișoara - Albești - Ispán well - Cristuru Secuiesc170 km by bus11 hrs🚌
27Local history tour - CastlesGurghiu - Brâncovenești - Gornești4 km hike, 140 km by bus9 hrs🚌
28Local history tour - Valley of Târnava MareBălăușeri - Sighișoara - Criș - Mălâncrav - Biertan - Dumbrăveni240 km by bus10 hrs🚌
29Local history tour - Saint LadislausReghin - Herina - Bistrița - Chiraleș - Arcalia - Țigău250 km by bus11 hrs🚌
30Horse-drawn carriage tourSărățeni - Chibed1 km hike, 10 km by carriage, 20 km by bus8 hrs🐴
31Horse-drawn carriage gastro-tourCorund - Valea lui Pavel - Fântâna Brazilor, turf bog - Corund feast at a homestead22 km by carriage, 25 km by bus6 hrs🐴/🍽
32Programs for youth (above 15 years)Raft building, hike, rappel15 km hike, 4 km on raft+/- 500 m9-10 hrs🏕
33Programs for kids (10-14 years)Raft builiding, climbing wall, tyrolean2 km5 hrs🏕
34Wine tastingCălimănești, Simén Mansion, wine tasting with cold buffet, between 18-22 h (6-10 PM)72 km by bus4 hrs🍷
35Palinka tastingChibed, Orbán palinka distillery, between 18-22 h (6-10 PM)24 km by bus4 hrs🥛


5+Very difficult hike
5Difficult hike
4Moderately difficult hike
3Moderate hike
2Easy hike
🚌Local history tour
🚲Bike tour
🐴Horse-drawn carriage
🍽/🍷/🥛Food and drink tasting
🏕Kids and youth programs

Further Info


Outward Bound Youth Center,
1 Mai street,