28th Itinerant Camp Rules

Life in camp

  1. Making a fire on the campground is forbidden.
  2. Wearing the camp’s badge for the entire duration of the event is mandatory.
  3. Put the parking ticket and the tent’s number in a clearly visible place.
  4. There are limited parking spaces, so we ask you to follow the organizers’ instructions.
  5. Leave the allotted roads clear.
  6. Leave your trash only in designated places (selectively). Please crush the plastic and aluminium bottles and cans.
  7. Use only the designated public toilets. There is running water, public toilets and outdoor showers on the campsite.
  8. Keep tabs on the notice board.
  9. Let your camp-mates rest after 10 PM and also get yourself ready for the next day’s hike.

Attendance of hikes

  1. You can sign up for the hikes only with your badge number.
  2. Every adult attends the hikes on their own responsibility. The minors can join the hikes only in the presence-, or with the leave of their parent/guardian. Because of this everyone will have to sign one of the following statements:
    • Declaration of liability
    • Declaration of liability for minors
  3. Choose hikes suitable for your fitness level, your experience and hiking gear. Sign up for the difficult hikes only if you were properly informed before and you are certain that you can handle it.
  4. When starting a hike, always take into consideration the weather and what kind of gear is needed. For the moderate and difficult hikes wearing a hiking boot is mandatory, wearing a gaiter and using hiking sticks is recommended. To guard against the sun, it’s important to wear appropriate clothing against sunburn and sunstroke.
  5. The hike’s guide has the right to send away those without proper equipment and preparedness.
  6. The hike’s guide has the right to change the route depending on the weather and other unforeseen obstacles.
  7. There are at least two hike guides attending each hike, one leading and one following. No one can be ahead of the lead, they are the ones setting the pace.
  8. The hike guides and participants are required to show up at least 15 minutes early at the appointed starting place.
  9. For the sake of the hike’s success, it is mandatory for the participants to follow the guide’s warnings, requests and instructions.
  10. Hikes with less than 10 participants are not started.
  11. The deadline to register for the following day’s hike is 8 PM.
  12. Canceling after registering is not possible. You can switch hikes, depending on available spaces by paying the difference of more expensive ones, but we can’t offer refunds if they are cheaper. In this case, the deadline is 7 PM.
  13. You can switch amongst yourselves, by going to the registry until the end of the previous day.
  14. For the hikes that require bus transport, look for the hike’s number on the bus.
  15. There will be no opportunity to replenish drinking water supplies on most of the hikes, so be mindful to bring enough water with you.
  16. It is forbidden to bring dogs or other pets on the hikes.
  17. Don’t leave the group without announcing the guide.
  18. In case of an accident, signal with a whistle: 6 whistles in 1 minute, then 1-minute silence. Repeat this 10 times, then start over after a 10-minute break.
  19. In the case of an accident, the participants must take part in helping as their practical knowledge and strength allow. If someone gets lost, the others must look for them, if someone is in trouble, the others must help.

Hiker’s Ten Commandments

  1. Love and respect nature.
  2. Stay civil as a hiker too, with an unworthy behavior you harm the tourism’s case.
  3. Don’t take advantage of the hospitality and respect other people’s property.
  4. Take only those trips on – especially mountain climbs – that you are physically capable of.
  5. Don’t wander off the trail, never enter forbidden places without permission.
  6. Be joyful but not noisy. The rest-house is not a tavern.
  7. Don’t harm nature, don’t draw on rocks, keep the springs, streams, resting places clean, don’t litter.
  8. Don’t throw away burning objects, don’t set a fire in forests.
  9. Be mindful towards the wild animals and the wildflowers, don’t pick the fruit trees, not even their flowers.
  10. Respect the other hikers and never leave them in trouble.